Love the life you live; live the life you love- Bob Marley once said. That is true of Cemma Jah. He grew up as a Human Right activist, writer, poet, trained as Lawyer and has passion for music especially Reggae and Pop. He is also a songwriter. His Reggae songs such as "Lord Have Mercy", "Am Missing You", "Armageddon Come", "Africa Rise Now", "Make You Happy" etc are comparable to those of Bob Marley and Lucky Dube while "African Lady" is comparable to those of Shaggy and his pop songs such as "Angel of My Life", "My desire " are comparable to those of contemporary artists.

He has released many singles and two albums which are KEEP ON and AFRICAN LADY.

His songs include: Lord my Shepherd, Jaya Mma, Armageddon come, Lord Have Mercy, Keep On, Tell Me Why, Need Your Hands Lord, Don't Forget Mr. President, Am Missing You, African Lady, Praising Jah, Tell Me its Not True, For Sake of our Children, We say Goodbye, Message of Hope, Mama Stop Cry, Fly Away, Biafra- The true storey, etc.
His hobbies are reading, writing, composing, singing, traveling, football, basketball, tennis, etc.


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